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Endobiogénie is What?

Endobiogénie is probably not a word you have heard of before.

A decade and a half ago we moved to southeast Idaho where we had the pleasure of meeting Annette and Eric Davis.  In 1972 Annette’s grandmother, Annmarie Buhler, started Time Laboratories, a pioneer in the natural products industry.

According to the Time Labs website, “Mrs. Buhler is an innovative and highly respected formulator who brings her knowledge and expertise in the natural products industry from Switzerland to the USA.  She holds a California State Board of Pharmacy Certificate, and has more than forty years of experience in cosmetic and dietary supplement manufacturing. She was instrumental in the development of the first true time-release process used for vitamins and minerals (thus the name Time Laboratories) and was one of the first to import therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils and functional plant extracts to the USA from Europe.

“Annemarie was the Chairman of the Board of the first American Aromatherapy Association (AATA) founded in 1987.  She first brought Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, a world-renowned pioneer in the field of clinical phytotherapy and aromatherapy, to the USA from France in 1989 to teach seminars to American health professionals.  She founded the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute in 1992, and the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center (EIMC) in 2004.  Known internationally for her skill and dedication to phyto-aromatherapy, Mrs. Buhler was selected in 1993 as the U.S. delegate to the International Conference for Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy held in Tunisia, Africa.”

Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, M.D.

Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, M.D.

I learned Dr. Lapraz would be speaking in Pocatello, Idaho and dragged my physician husband with me.  My husband is always open to new ideas and learning, but went that night with the thought that this guy was practicing some kind of “kooky” medicine.  When we left his head was spinning, “So, what did you think?” I asked.  “This guy was at the very top of my level of medicine.”  We’ve been friends with the Davises, her parents and Dr. Lapraz ever since.

We made a job change in 2006 that took us around the world, but we would still consult with Annette whenever we were ill.  It is with great pleasure that we landed in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas this past year where my husband is helping to open the Family Practice Residency Program (opening this July) and UTRGV Medical School (opening 2016).  The opportunity came for my husband to take a fellowship.  Finally he was able to learn all that Dr. Lapraz has to offer in the form of Endoiogénie.

Endobiogénie is all about balance.  Being physiologically balanced is like trying to walk on a tightrope.  You are usually teetering to one side or the other while trying to stay upright.  Most imbalances tend to be minor, but a few are clearly significant.  Endobiogénie seeks to restore balance as much as possible, with special emphasis on the more serious imbalances and those imbalances that are thought to be directly contributing to your symptoms or disease.  Often, in correcting the major imbalances, the minor imbalances will be able to correct themselves.

Blood work is evaluated not based on high, low or normal range, but rather, how the levels relate to each other.  We have seen miracles, by today’s standards, in medicine.

Carol Silverander's Book, "With the Help from Our Friends from France"

Carol Silverander’s Book, “With the Help from Our Friends from France”

We had the pleasure of meeting Carol Silverander, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 that metastasized to her liver.  She lived with stage 4 cancer for 8 years.  She lived an amazing “normal” life with cancer because of Endobiogénie and the work of Dr. Lapraz and Time Labs.

If you are tired of traditional medicine and want to take a journey on a more natural path to healing consider Endobiogénie.  Essential Anew is proud to carry Time Labs products.

Contact Essential Anew to find out how you can start on your path of natural healing.


This is the Bomb!!!

Seriously!  This stuff is the BOMB!!!

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend, It's the Bomb!!!

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend, It’s the Bomb!!!

Late last week I awoke to an email from my college aged son, “Mom, I’m so sick!  I need the recipe for a hot toddy.”  “No,” I wrote back, “You need a tincture.” I drove to the post office and they were so good to help me pack it and get it there FAST.  It was there within 36 . . .  and we are a three days drive away from him.

He took four doses in the next 20 hours and when I talked with him he sounded so much better.  In fact, he sounded well!  He had told me he had a congestion headache for days and now it was gone.  He thought he was going to have to go to the doctor.  All the mucus . . . gone.  He was better!  He was back to his old self.  So, for cough, colds or flu . . . this incredible tincture blend is for you!!!

Keep this in your cupboard and save yourself a visit to the doctor.  Say no to your regular prescription and take the Ultra CCF Tincture Blend.  You will be so glad you did.

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend Ingredients

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend Ingredients


Our Favorite Canned Salsa with a few dinner recipes

Tomatoes went on sale this week for .48/lb.  I couldn’t pass it up and bought a 25 lb. box.  I also bought way too many jalapeños, onions and cilantro.  And was excited to get home and start canning our family’s favorite salsa.

Yummy Salsa

Yummy Salsa

Luckily I have two wonderful kids still living at home, though they will be leaving far too soon for my taste.  They were delighted to help me get started.  We got the water boiling, the tomatoes scored and the sink filled with ice water.  Blanching (follow the first technique on this link, it’s the best, trust me!) tomatoes is the easiest way to release the skin and peel tomatoes.

Look how nicely the dicer made the jalapeños look!

Look how nicely the dicer made the jalapeños look!

While they peeled tomatoes I began dicing onions, cilantro and jalapeños.  Fortunately I didn’t really have to dice them all.  I pulled out my handy dandy food dicer and diced away. Of course, I wore gloves while working with the jalapeños.  The kids finished and it was time to dice the tomatoes.

Unfortunately the dicer didn’t work on the tomatoes without the skin on so, it was all by hand. Since I knew that I would be cooking my salsa I didn’t worry about dicing them so small.

Nicely diced tomatoes

Nicely diced tomatoes

When we started this process, I thought I might go buy another box.  Dicing tomatoes was the longest part of this whole recipe.  I didn’t go get any more tomatoes.

Lots of Cilantro

Lots of Cilantro

I mixed all the ingredients together in a big pot and started cooking the salsa.  I heated up my water bath and sterilized my jars and lids.  Using a canning funnel begin filling jars.  Using a wooden spoon remove air bubbles from salsa by gently pushing the spoon handle down in the salsa.  Wipe the rims and place on lids and rings.  When the water bath is boiling, submerge the jars and process.  Check times for higher elevations.  The best part of living in south Texas is we are pretty much at sea level and processing time is greatly reduced from our home in the mountains of Idaho.

Don’t be afraid of canning salsa.  It really is a very simple process.  Water bathing is simple.  You will be so thankful for good salsa in your cupboard.  Not to mention, the pride you will feel at having done this yourself.  You also know what you are eating.  Good clean salsa with no surprise ingredients.  What’s better than having food in your cupboard that was made with love.

There are so many things you can do with salsa.  Tacos, chips and salsa, Guacamole.  I must admit, guacamole is one of my favorite things to do with salsa.  Get a couple of ripe avocados, peel and dice into a bowl.  Pour salsa in with avocado and begin to mix and smash the avocado.

Cooking the salsa

Cooking the salsa

Add the juice of one lime and salt.  Don’t forget to leave one pit in to keep it from turning brown.  Seriously!  This is the BOMB of guacamole.  Taco casserole. Chicken Tacos ~ Chicken in the crockpot with 1 c. salsa, a can of Dr. Pepper and 1 c. of brown sugar.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours and shred.  So delicious in a tortilla.  Or make chicken Fajita Quesadillas.  Rub fajita seasoning on your chicken and brown quickly in a pan.  Take out and set aside.  Cook strips of red and orange peppers and onions in hot pan.  Add back the chicken and cook through.  Put a dollop of butter in a skillet, add your tortilla, top with a bit of cheese, fajita chicken and veggies and top with cheese again.  I like cheese on the top and bottom, not because I like chee se a lot, I don’t, but because it holds the tortillas together. Think of it like glue.  Flip over when brown and brown the other side.  Serve with a dollop of sour cream and salsa. You can’t go wrong with a cupboard full of salsa.

Delicious Salsa Ready for the Cupboard

Delicious Salsa Ready for the Cupboard

The best part is that I spent $21 on the ingredients and got 28 jars or four batches in the water bath for a grand total of .75 a pint. You can’t beat that!!!



Our family’s favorite salsa
4 cups tomatoes, blanched, peeled, and chopped
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, minced
4 peppers (Anaheim, Jalapeño, and Habaneros are all great for salsa)
1 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. cumin
2 tsp. salt, to taste
2 Tbsp. vinegar (or lemon juice)
fresh cilantro, chopped to taste
Mix all ingredients and adjust amounts to taste. More salt is usually
required but start with the 2 tsp. listed. Increase the number of peppers or
heat of peppers as desired. I prefer to chop peppers in the food processor.
For Freezing: Freeze salsa in 1 quart freezer bags. Be sure to thaw salsa
bags in a bowl so that if any holes exist, the juice doesn’t end up on the
counter. Once thawed, salsa is best if it is run through a blender or food
processor before serving. Blending simply combines the ingredient liquids
better than stirring.

My New Floor Cleaner

Our last house had lots of tile.  We lived there six months before we moved to south Texas.  Our new home has no carpet, only wood floors and this shiny white tile.  While the tile is beautiful, the shine is a beast.  When I first saw that tile I was worried about it.  I also worried about the ten oak trees on our 1/2 acre lot.  Ten trees make LOTS of acorns, leaves and blossoms.  There is a constant battle to clean up after them . . .  but that is for another post.

Look at ALL those trees!

Look at ALL those trees!

I have yet to find a good floor cleaner to keep the shine.  Everything I have used has left a cloudy film and then when we walk on it we can see prints.  That’s not clean!  That’s cloudy!

I have tried many products both over the counter and homemade.  I have even tried greatly diluting the products.  To no avail.  It really makes me NOT want to mop my floors because in all seriousness with just a sweep my floors look better not mopped rather than cloudy.

I think I have finally found something that works.  Now, the secret is not to get the floor too saturated, nor the mop head.  I have found that once the mop head is wet I don’t need to spray too much or at all.  It is at that point that I only spray if there is a stubborn spot that needs to be soakedMy New Favorite Floor Cleaner ~ Essential Anew

I added to this mix some of my favorite essential oils.  Lemongrass ~ which smells divine. Health benefits may include analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, deodorant, fungicidal, insecticidal, sedative and tonic. You can actually clean and not feel depressed about it! And with its sedative qualities you could even take a nap afterwards and have an excuse.  😉  Peppermint ~ which is uplifting.  Health benefits may include antifungal, antiseptic, helps nausea and headaches (no excuses not to clean), stress relief, giving relief for anxiety, stress, depression and mental exhaustion.  And lastly Tea Tree oil ~ you could never clean without using Tea Tree.  Health benefits may include  anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti septic, anti viral, balsamic, fungicide, insecticide, and stimulant.

My New Favorite Floor Cleaner

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
1 cup water My New Favorite Floor Cleaner ~ Essential Anew
2-3 drops of dawn dish soap
10-15 drops essential oils of your choice  ***Tea Tree has a strong scent, a little goes a long way, so I don’t put as much in as the peppermint and lemongrass oils

Mix together and store in a spray bottle. Spray on floor and mop clean.



DIY Flea Collar

AAAAaaaargh!  We’ve got fleas!  We have never had a flea problem until we moved to Texas.  We have always treated our pets once a month, but here in Texas, it didn’t help at all.  Last year we hired an exterminator to come and spray the house and yard.  We welcomed winter and the end of any flea threat.

Oscar and Charlie Sunning Themselves

Oscar and Charlie Sunning Themselves

Here we are in mid-March and we have already discovered fleas on our dogs.  They were immediately taken to the bathroom for a flea bath and spray.  Why is this happening?  The exterminator just came and sprayed.

We adopted our little Charlie that was found at the stables where our daughter rides.  He’s the cutest chocolate and cream chihuahua.  He was so infested with fleas that when we first picked him up we took him straight to get a flea dip.  We spent the next 30 minutes coming fleas out of him.  How can such a little dog have so many fleas?  I think he had his weight in fleas on him. Charlie hasn’t come without any issues.  We have often wondered what challenges and abuse he suffered in the few months of life he had lived before making his way into our hearts and homes.

Charlie on the day we got him ~ Halloween Day 2014

Charlie on the day we got him ~ Halloween Day 2014

He never knew where his next meal was coming from.  This was evident when at Christmas he found a clear plastic thumbtack and quickly picked it up and ran to chew it.  For Valentines my sweet husband sent me a dozen red roses.  As I pulled the roses out to put in a vase a few crumbles of green floral foam fell on the kitchen floor, he quickly ate it up!  Poor guy!  We feed him twice a day, but he still looks for food.  We have eight oak trees and two ash trees that seem to always be dropping acorns and nuts.  Charlie is constantly working to open and eat them.

He is terrified of men.  Each time he sees a man or hears one walking he begins to growl and bark.  He does not like Dad kissing Mom or our daughter. Tonight he was sleeping under my comforter on my bed when a tapestry my husband had hung fell off the wall.  The pole hit the ground loud and hard.  It scared me.  It terrified him.  Charlie came out of the covers, looked over and saw the pole partially standing on end, jumped off the bed so hard and fast he skidded into our rocker.  He hit with such force and speed that he slid across the room into the door and ran out the hallway.  I finally have him calmed down and sitting on my chest, but he is on constant alert and keeps looking over to where the pole was.  We removed the pole from the room and shut the door to the pole’s new home.

Charlie has brought such joy into our home.  He makes us laugh so hard.  He loves us.  He entertains us.  I didn’t want another dog, but Charlie has wormed his way into my heart and I am in love.

But, back to the fleas.  This year I am going to try this DIY Flea Collar recipe.

DIY Flea Collar with Essential OilsDIY Flea Collar ~ Essential Anew
½ tsp. rubbing alcohol
1 drop Cedarwood EO
1 drop Lavender EO
1 drop Citronella EO
1 drop Thyme EO
4 garlic capsules
1 soft pet collar

Break garlic capsules open and add the contents to the mixing bowl. Blend your ingredients together and pour it over the collar until fully absorbed. Let dry before putting around your pet’s neck. It should be effective for one month.

Fleas, just like mosquitoes, do not like the taste of garlic. I am going to start squeezing a little garlic oil on the dog’s food each day to keep those pesky fleas away. I’ve got some of that pre-chopped garlic in my fridge, it is preserved in oil, I will try using that oil on their food.

Let me know what you do to keep fleas off of your pets.  Have you tried a DIY Flea Collar?




Gluten Free Pancakes and Waffles Mix

As long as I have known my husband he has had a delicate stomach.  He informed me when we married that he was lactose intolerant.  And yet it was odd that at times he could eat and drink dairy with no problem and other times it wreaked havoc on his tummy and intestines.  There seemed to be no rhyme or reason. As a physician he was self diagnosed and later added IBS to the diagnosis.

The dairy thing wasn’t much of a problem because I grew up drinking powdered milk or water    . . . I prefer water.  With seven in our family we only ever used about a gallon of milk a week since it was only used for cereal, baking or cooking.  Once we got a goat to milk.  I loved the milk, my husband’s tummy did great with it . . . our kids wouldn’t touch it.

Years later I purchased an audio book about eating gluten and how bad it is for our bodies.  As I listened to it I thought, “This sounds just like my husband!”  I told him about it and he agreed.  Since it was written by a medical doctor my husband understood all the science behind it . . . it lost me on those parts, but I just took the author’s word that he knew what he was talking about.  At the time we lived out of the U.S. and my husband traveled a lot so in the summers the kids and I packed up and made our way back to our cabin in the mountains of Idaho where our kids would work and earn their spending money for the year.  During that time my husband cut out all wheat and gluten from his diet.  Now, I don’t think he read labels.  More accurately I should say, he cut out all visible wheat from his diet.  After all, he doesn’t have celiac’s disease nor is he allergic to wheat.  But, that summer his tummy had no problems.  It wasn’t upset and there were no surprises.

It was only when the kids and I returned and he started eating gluten again because of my cooking (I had finally perfected my roll making abilities) did his tummy start to rumble again.  I was the one that had introduced him to the book, but I didn’t want to hear it helped, I didn’t want to change how I cooked.

He never complained.  I felt a little guilty and changed my cooking habits.  We cut out all visible wheat from our diet.  Hubby had eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of cheddar cheese and a dill pickle our 20+ years of marriage.  He’s a creature of habit and now his habits were changing.

I really hadn’t heard about the whole “cut gluten from your diet” craze until we moved back to the States.  We didn’t cut it out to lose weight.  We cut it out because our systems seemed to be happier.  All four boys inherited Dad’s tummy and suddenly, the ones still living at home, had better tummy constitutions.  Everyone seemed happy.

No more homemade eclairs.  No more homemade rolls.  No more homemade pizza.  No more Mac and Cheese.  No more pizza orders on a busy or lazy day. Our diet changed.  I refused to get on this gluten free bandwagon.  I found it comical that companies would sell licorice as “Gluten Free” and charge more.  Hello!  Of course it is gluten free!

I never bought gluten free flour.  Nor did I succumb to the myriads of products labeled “Gluten Free.”  An independent thinker I decided to make my own gluten free plan.

I began making my own granola and instead of wheat germ I found oat bran I added in its place. We cut out our favorite pancakes and waffles from our Saturday morning routine. Instead of flour tortillas I used corn tortillas.  No more spaghetti . . . and I had just canned cases of our favorite spaghetti sauce.  No pasta salads.  Through all of this we have learned to eat differently and like different foods.Best Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ Essential Anew

The one thing I missed the very most was waffles.  Then one day I wondered why I had never thought of grinding up my oatmeal into flour and making waffles.  I found an amazing recipe one Saturday morning, made a few changes of my own and we have never gone without since.

Best Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ Essential AnewLast week I needed to grind more oats, I usually try to keep ground oats on hand.  Then I had to mix it all together from scratch.  It always seemed like such an ordeal to make those waffles. So, I did what came naturally, I made it easier.

I pulled out my Vitamix and began grinding batch after batch of oatmeal . . . 14 cups to be exact.  (FYI ~ I did discover that grinding in smaller batches made a finer flour.) Then I pulled out my trusty recipe that calls for 2 cups of flour and seven times it.  I mixed it all together really good and put into a big plastic container.  Now I just get up and add my wet ingredients to  2 cups of my mix and VOILA! waffles are ready.

Once when the kids and I went back to Idaho for the summer I used a Krusteaz pancake mix and all of us hated it.  It literally felt like we were eating glue.  None of us could eat it.  We have found we much prefer the texture of the oatmeal flour which isn’t quite as heavy as whole wheat, but seems to have more substance than white flour.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

Best Gluten Free Pancakes and Waffles Mix
1/2 tsp. baking sodaBest Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ Essential Anew
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
3 tsp. sugar (though I usually double that)
2 c. ground oatmeal flour
4 Tbs. melted butter
2 c. buttermilk or yogurt
2 eggs

Combine dry ingredients together. Melt butter. Separate egg, putting the whites into the buttermilk, mix well, and the yolk into the butter, mix well. The buttermilk acts as an emulsifier and allows the butter to easily mix with the buttermilk, which you want to do at this point. Mix the buttermilk mixture and butter mixture together well. Add the liquids to the dry ingredients and mix well. The batter may be a little watery, let it sit a minute or two and it will firm up. We like our waffles lighter, so I leave the batter thinner. If you like heavier waffles or pancakes, let the batter get firmer or add a bit more oatmeal flour, not much since it will thicken up. Cook as you prefer as pancakes or waffles. ENJOY!

I am all about keeping it easy.  I do not keep buttermilk on hand.  I have a no. 10 can of dry buttermilk that I use each week.  If you want to use regular milk, by all means, do it.  I think I did one week because I forgot to use buttermilk.  Regular milk does not emulsify the milk and butter together, but who cares?  Do what is easiest for you!  These are your pancakes and waffles.  You will be eating them.  Do what you want!  Once I had an abundance of whey, so I used that instead of buttermilk.   The waffles tasted GREAT!!!


Keep the Cooties Away Insect Repellant

February, the longest month of the year, or so it seems, has just passed us by and before we know it spring will be here.  We’ll be out in our yards and gardens … and so will all the bugs. Use this super easy bug repellant to protect yourself naturally.

Keep the Cooties Away Insect Repellant ~ Essential Anew5 drops eucalyptus
2 drops orange
4 drops lavender
2 drops lemon
8 drops cedarwood
1 drop peppermint
1 drop clove
1 drop cinnamon
2 ounces carrier oil such as jojoba, grape seed, or sweet almond oil

Mix it all together and store in a cobalt blue bottle.  Apply liberally keeping out of eyes.

Keep the Cooties Away Insect Repellant ~ Essential Anew

How to Dehydrate Potatoes

Recently I went into our local grocery store and found  a HUGE sale on potatoes.  This made me excited for a couple of reasons.  First, the longest we have lived in one place is Idaho … we still go back each summer.  Second, potatoes are so expensive in south Texas compared to Idaho and it frustrates me.  Third, I have a dehydrator.

So, I bought two bags, remembering the last time I stocked up I procrastinated and almost lost all the potatoes before we used them.  Now, after this VERY simple process I wish I had purchased a few more bags.How to Dehydrate Potatoes ~ Essential Anew

I dehydrated apples last week, so my dehydrator was still out (there had been a sale on Gala apples .88/lb.!) and thus it was a great time to process my potatoes.  I pulled out this amazing gadget I purchased last year at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I am sure there are other places to find it, but there are so many wonderful opportunities to use it and make chopping so much easier.

It has several different size blades, but I’ve always used this smaller size.  Pay special attention when cleaning … those blades are VERY sharp, more than one family member and now a family friend can attest to the effectiveness of those blades.

I peeled my potatoes, rinsed them and then sliced them to the thickness I wanted, about as thick as one of those squares, so when they go through they will be … well, square.

How to Dehydrate Potatoes ~ Essential AnewBe sure to put a big pot of water on to boil.  When you get plenty of potatoes chopped put them in a big bowl and rinse in cold water, drain.  Once the water is boiling put your potatoes in for 3 min. to blanch.  This is to get extra starch out.  If you skip this simple process you will end up with brown and black potatoes when dehydrated.  Not too appetizing.  See all that murky, whitish water in the potatoes?  That is what you want to see … all that starch coming out.  See how wonderfully chopped those potatoes are?  Thanks to my dicer. I am in love with it and use it for onions, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots (be sure to slice these thinly since they are so firm, I broke my first dicer on a carrot), anything I want chopped.  It’s the BOMB!

How to Dehydrate Potatoes ~ Essential AnewWhen you drain those potatoes fresh out of the boiled water you want to rinse them in cold water to halt the cooking process, you don’t want mushy potatoes. Be sure your potatoes are drained well and place them on dehydrator racks.  When your dehydrator is filled turn it on and forget it.  The setting for fruits and vegetables i s 135*.  I am sure you could do this in your oven, too.  I once did herbs in the oven.  I put the herbs on a cookie sheet, closed the oven and turned on the light.  I was surprised how hot the oven got just from the light.

If I were dehydrating in the oven, I would turn the oven to the lowest setting and once achieved, turn off the heat and turn on the light.  I wouldn’t open the oven to check the process since so much heat is lost opening the door.  The light is on, just look through the window.

My potatoes took just over 12 hours.  I checked them when I got up in the morning and was surprised they were all dried.

They looked Amazing!  I had filled up the trays pretty full.  The potatoes were touching, but I didn’t put them on top of each other, I wanted them to dry more evenly.  Look how much they shrunk!  These had been touching.How to Dehydrate Potatoes ~ Essential Anew  My 10 lbs. of potatoes used 9 trays to dry.

I poured each tray into a big plastic bowl to make it easier to put in bottles to store.

Look at how much those 10 lbs. had shrunk to.  I was actually surprised and amazed to see the end amount.  Realizing how simple this process was is when I was bummed I hadn’t bought more potatoes.

We now live in a very humid climate and humidity is the enemy of dehydrated food.  It is very important to keep the food dry or it will start rehydrating and spoiling.

How to Dehydrate Potatoes ~ Essential AnewThat is when I bring out my canning jars and my vacuum sealer.  That bowl of potatoes fit into two quart jars!  And that is with some head space allowed.  If you are not familiar with a vacuum sealer you can easily find them online or at Sam’s, Costco, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, they are everywhere.  What is not everywhere is the canning jar attachment. Be sure your vacuum sealer has an attachment port and you can easily purchase a tube and canning jar attachments. These attachments fit over the lid and jar (be sure you have one for the wide mouth and one for the narrow mouth) and when the machine is turned on all of the air is sucked out of the jar and the lid is left sealed.  The great thing is the lids can be reused, unlike when you process food in water.  However, this process cannot be used for foods that are processed in water.  Only use this for dry foods.  I love my vacuum sealer for storing food.  I used to throw out my canning jar boxes, but now I store my filled jars in them and they are easy to stack and get to.How to Dehydrate Potatoes ~ Essential Anew

My jars are filled and ready to seal in this picture.  I was so proud of my potatoes.  They looked so beautiful and white, no spots. Now, when I want potatoes in soup I can toss a handful in.  I make a yummy shepherd’s pie, not a traditional shepherd’s pie, but a meat, carrot, potato, and onion pie baked in a pie shell. My family likes to eat it with ketchup. Now, my potatoes are ready to rehydrate and put in.  Maybe I will dehydrate carrots next.  I will also rehydrate these potatoes and cook them in some butter and serve as a side dish.

Of course, I had to try a few.  They were crunchy and dry.  But, I the first thing I noticed was the dehydrated potato flavor we are used to from commercially dehydrated potatoes was not there.  I know what is in my potatoes … NOTHING.  There are no additives, no mystery ingredients, no preservatives, just potatoes minus the water.

Now, to find the next sale on potatoes.

Ready for Summer Fun

The groundhog has predicted six more weeks of winter … but, in other parts of the country he said summer is on it’s way.  Either way, summer is coming, though we have a cold front coming to south Texas this week which will drop our temperatures down into the mid-60s.  Sorry New York.

We’ve had our windows and back doors opened the last few weeks and the mosquitos are starting to come to life.  There is nothing more irritating than finally getting out in the sunshine and being attacked by gnats and mosquitos or brushing through shrubs, brush and trees that can sting and prick.

Mosquito or other insect bites ~ if they don’t require much attention just dab a little Lavender or Tea Tree EO for relief.  Both Chamomile and Lavender EOs reduce swelling, itching and inflammation, and together with tinctures of Echinacea and Plantain often you can avert an allergic response. (If an allergic reaction does happen, take 1/2 t. Echinacea Tincture internally).

Following are blends to be made ahead of time and stored in glass blue bottles for use when needed.

Ready for Summer Fun with Essential Oils ~ Essential Anew

Outdoor Owie Cure
3 drops each:
Tea Tree
1 oz. calendula infused oil
Mix together, store in a blue glass bottle and shake before using.
This remedy is excellent for skin irritations, bites, stings, burns, inflammation, bruises or scrapes.

Many people will use clay for bee stings and insect bites, but adding essential oils and tinctures to clay will keep the poultice reconstituted, preserved and ready for use.  As the clay dries it pulls toxins from stings and bites to the skin’s surface and keeps them from spreading.  It will also pull out puss or splinters.

Summertime Clay PoulticeGet read for Summer with Essential Oils ~ Essential Anew
12 drops Lavender EO
1 tablespoon bentonite clay
1 teaspoon each:
Echinacea Root Tincture
Chamomile Flowers Tincture
Plantain Leaves Tincture
Put clay in storage container. Add the tinctures slowly, stirring as the clay absorbs them. Add lavender oil, stirring to distribute it evenly. Store poultice in a container with a tight lid to slow dehydration; it will last at least several months.  If the mixture dries out, add distilled water to reconstitute it.

Many people don’t care for the smell of Citronella EO, a traditional repellant, but this formula smells great.

Keep the Bugs Away SprayReady for Summer Fun with Essential Oils ~ Essential Anew
5 drops Eucalyptus EO
2 drops Orange EO
4 drops Lavender EO
2 drops Lemon EO
8 drops Cedarwood EO
1 drop Peppermint EO
1 drop Clove EO
1 drop Cinnamon EO
2 ounces Carrier Oil
Mix together, store in a glass blue bottle.  Apply liberally. Keep out of eyes.

Essential Oils Basics

Essential Oils have become more mainstream. But before you use them it is important to understand and know how to use these very powerful oils. So today I bring you Essential Oils Basics.

Essential Oil Basics with Recipes ~ Essential Anew

*Always store essential oils in a cool, dark place with caps tightly secured. Air and light are the great offenders of essential oils.
*ALWAYS properly dilute essential oils before you use them on skin or in the bath.
*ALWAYS keep essential oils away from eyes.
*If you are pregnant consult a qualified health practitioner before using any essential oil preparation.
*Do NOT ingest essential oils except on advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

REMEMBER ~ Blends are most effective when combining 2-5 EOs. Keep in mind these ratios when blending.

Mixing and Blending Essential Oils

Air Freshener ~ Fill a 4 oz. spritzer bottle with distilled water and add 40-60 drops EO. Always shake before spraying.

Bath ~ To relieve tension, muscle aches, sluggish circulation, and general fatigue simply add essential oils to a bath. Add 5-10 drops of pure EO to 1 tsp. of carrier. Use a natural bath gel base, natural shampoo or grape seed oil. Add to a fully drawn bath and gently stir into bath water just before getting in. Relax in tub for 20 min. and rest for another 30 minutes after. NOTE: Never add EOs to bath without diluting first. “Hot” and citrus oils added to a bath may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Essential Oil Basics with Bath Recipes ~ Essential AnewTry Using these Blends:
Calming, Soothing Bath ~ Lavender, Rosewood, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Neroli or Petitgrain, Frankincense, Patchouli, Mandarin, Spikenard, Tangerine, Angelica, Sandalwood
Energizing, Toning Bath ~ Spruce, Rosemary, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Pine, Fir, Basil, Lime
Winter, Detox Bath ~ Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Pine, Fir, Spruce, Myrtle, Lavender, Juniper, Cypress, Cardamom, Tea Tree, Laurus Nobilis, Ravensara
Summer, Cooling Bath ~ Lavender, Geranium, Rose, Juniper, Spearmint, Palmarosa, Lime

Foot Soaks ~ Everyone benefits from foot treatments; a foot soak can revive, relax or restore your entire system. These effective remedies can easily be done yourself. Fill a tub for your feet with water and stir in essential oils. After soaking, wrap feet in a large towel and relax an additional 5-10 minutes.

Essential Oil Basics Foot Bath Recipe ~ Essential Anew

Try these blends:
Soothing, Stress-Release Foot Bath ~ Use very warm to hot water, soak feet for 20 minutes, add 12 drops Marjoram, 2 drops Lemongrass and 6 drops Cedarwood
Reviving, Fortifying Foot Bath – Use very cold to icy water, soak feet for 5 minutes, add 10 drops Pine, 5 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Rosemary
Cleansing Foot Bath ~ Use tepid to warm water, soak feet 15-20 minutes add 8 drops Lemon, 8 drops Eucalyptus, 8 drops Tea Tree

Body Balm ~ To enjoy your own custom lotion add 15-20 drops EO for each ounce of lotion base.

Body Spritzer ~ Mix 4 oz. distilled water or pure floral water with 30-50 drops of pure EO. Shake well before each use. Remember always avoid spraying EOs in eyes.

Quick Cool Therapy ~ To quickly revive the senses and increase mental acuity, put a few drops of EOs on an icy cold damp cloth, apply over or wrap around hands, back of neck or feet. Try this with 2 drops Rosemary, 1 drop Basil and 3 drops Eucalyptus.

Inhalation ~ Place 2-5 drops of pure EO on a clean tissue, inhale. A quick method would be to rub a few drops of EO in the palms of your hands, then inhale. To revive your senses use Rosemary EO.
Try using these blends:
Energizing ~ Rosemary, Basil, Eucalyptus, Pine, Lemon, Fir, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint.
Calming/Sedative ~ Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Neroli or Peititgrain, Rose, Clary Sage, Marjoram
Soothing ~ Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Angelica, Neroli or Petitgrain, Mandarin, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense

Steam Inhalation ~ Pour steaming hot water into a glass or stainless steel bowl. Add 5 drops of

Essential Oil Basics with Steam Inhalation Recipe ~ Essential Anew

essential oil combination (Breathe Easy, ImmuBoost Extra) to the water. Close eyes to avoid irritation, drape a towel over your head and bowl and inhale 3-5 minutes. Repeat several times a day as needed. Useful for sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory issues.

Steam Facial/Sinus Inhalation ~ Place 5-8 drops of EO into a bowl of hot water. Sit comfortably, your face over the vapors with a large towel covering your head and the bowl. Remember to keep your eyes closed. When the water cools, rinse your face with cool water and apply a true floral water, a hydrolat or hydrosol, hydrating toner or soothing facial oil.
Try these blends:
Facial Cleanser/Detox ~ Lavender, Chamomile, Fennel, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Geranium, Laurus Nobilis, Eucalyptus, Ravensara
Sinus Congestion ~ Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Pine, Fir, Peppermint, Spruce, Frankincense

Full Body Massage ~ Add 10-15 drops of pure EO to 1 oz. of carrier such as grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, massage lotion or body butter.

Partial Body Massage ~ Add 20-40 drops pure EO to 1 oz. carrier.
Try these blends for pain. Massage on painful areas as needed:
Everyday Aches and Pains ~ Rosemary, Juniper, Lavender, Helichrysum
Cool Penetrating Relief ~ Peppermint, Juniper, Cajeput, Eucalyptus
Deep Warming Relief ~ Ginger, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Juniper

Compress is a simple, but powerful form of treatment that is too often overlooked. A compress is basically cloth saturated in hot or cold water and applied to a specific area of the body. The placement, temperature and moisture content determines its effectiveness. To greatly enhance the benefits of a compress treatment just add essential oils.

In a clean bowl mix 6-10 drops of EO with 8 oz. of steaming hot or icy water. Place a clean cloth into the bowl of water with essential oils and wring out enough excess water so that the cloth is not dripping. Place this cloth compress on the desired area, cover the compress with plastic wrap and top snugly with a large dry towel. Use soothing essential oils such as Lavender, Chamomile, Helichrysum, Laurus Nobilis or Ravensara.
Use a Hot Water Compress to increase circulation, apply for 2 hours. Use a Cold Water Compress to reduce swelling, apply for 30 minutes.

Ratios to Remember
Full Body Application ~ 10-15 drops of EO per 1 oz. of base
Partial Body Application ~ 20-40 drops of EO per 1 oz. base
Facial Blend ~ 6-10 drops of EO per 1 oz. base
Bath ~ 5-12 drops EO to bath water
Skin Care Tonic ~ 10-15 drops EO per 2 oz. distilled water
Body Spritzer ~ 15-25 drops EO per 2 oz. distilled water
Room Freshener ~ 20-30 drops EO per 2 oz. distilled water

Measurements to Remember
30 mL= 1 oz. or 2 Tablespoons
15 mL= 1/2 oz. or 1 Tablespoon
5 mL= 1/6 oz. or 1 teaspoon