Gluten Free Pancakes and Waffles Mix

As long as I have known my husband he has had a delicate stomach.  He informed me when we married that he was lactose intolerant.  And yet it was odd that at times he could eat and drink dairy with no problem and other times it wreaked havoc on his tummy and intestines.  There seemed to be no rhyme or reason. As a physician he was self diagnosed and later added IBS to the diagnosis.

The dairy thing wasn’t much of a problem because I grew up drinking powdered milk or water    . . . I prefer water.  With seven in our family we only ever used about a gallon of milk a week since it was only used for cereal, baking or cooking.  Once we got a goat to milk.  I loved the milk, my husband’s tummy did great with it . . . our kids wouldn’t touch it.

Years later I purchased an audio book about eating gluten and how bad it is for our bodies.  As I listened to it I thought, “This sounds just like my husband!”  I told him about it and he agreed.  Since it was written by a medical doctor my husband understood all the science behind it . . . it lost me on those parts, but I just took the author’s word that he knew what he was talking about.  At the time we lived out of the U.S. and my husband traveled a lot so in the summers the kids and I packed up and made our way back to our cabin in the mountains of Idaho where our kids would work and earn their spending money for the year.  During that time my husband cut out all wheat and gluten from his diet.  Now, I don’t think he read labels.  More accurately I should say, he cut out all visible wheat from his diet.  After all, he doesn’t have celiac’s disease nor is he allergic to wheat.  But, that summer his tummy had no problems.  It wasn’t upset and there were no surprises.

It was only when the kids and I returned and he started eating gluten again because of my cooking (I had finally perfected my roll making abilities) did his tummy start to rumble again.  I was the one that had introduced him to the book, but I didn’t want to hear it helped, I didn’t want to change how I cooked.

He never complained.  I felt a little guilty and changed my cooking habits.  We cut out all visible wheat from our diet.  Hubby had eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of cheddar cheese and a dill pickle our 20+ years of marriage.  He’s a creature of habit and now his habits were changing.

I really hadn’t heard about the whole “cut gluten from your diet” craze until we moved back to the States.  We didn’t cut it out to lose weight.  We cut it out because our systems seemed to be happier.  All four boys inherited Dad’s tummy and suddenly, the ones still living at home, had better tummy constitutions.  Everyone seemed happy.

No more homemade eclairs.  No more homemade rolls.  No more homemade pizza.  No more Mac and Cheese.  No more pizza orders on a busy or lazy day. Our diet changed.  I refused to get on this gluten free bandwagon.  I found it comical that companies would sell licorice as “Gluten Free” and charge more.  Hello!  Of course it is gluten free!

I never bought gluten free flour.  Nor did I succumb to the myriads of products labeled “Gluten Free.”  An independent thinker I decided to make my own gluten free plan.

I began making my own granola and instead of wheat germ I found oat bran I added in its place. We cut out our favorite pancakes and waffles from our Saturday morning routine. Instead of flour tortillas I used corn tortillas.  No more spaghetti . . . and I had just canned cases of our favorite spaghetti sauce.  No pasta salads.  Through all of this we have learned to eat differently and like different foods.Best Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ Essential Anew

The one thing I missed the very most was waffles.  Then one day I wondered why I had never thought of grinding up my oatmeal into flour and making waffles.  I found an amazing recipe one Saturday morning, made a few changes of my own and we have never gone without since.

Best Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ Essential AnewLast week I needed to grind more oats, I usually try to keep ground oats on hand.  Then I had to mix it all together from scratch.  It always seemed like such an ordeal to make those waffles. So, I did what came naturally, I made it easier.

I pulled out my Vitamix and began grinding batch after batch of oatmeal . . . 14 cups to be exact.  (FYI ~ I did discover that grinding in smaller batches made a finer flour.) Then I pulled out my trusty recipe that calls for 2 cups of flour and seven times it.  I mixed it all together really good and put into a big plastic container.  Now I just get up and add my wet ingredients to  2 cups of my mix and VOILA! waffles are ready.

Once when the kids and I went back to Idaho for the summer I used a Krusteaz pancake mix and all of us hated it.  It literally felt like we were eating glue.  None of us could eat it.  We have found we much prefer the texture of the oatmeal flour which isn’t quite as heavy as whole wheat, but seems to have more substance than white flour.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

Best Gluten Free Pancakes and Waffles Mix
1/2 tsp. baking sodaBest Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix ~ Essential Anew
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
3 tsp. sugar (though I usually double that)
2 c. ground oatmeal flour
4 Tbs. melted butter
2 c. buttermilk or yogurt
2 eggs

Combine dry ingredients together. Melt butter. Separate egg, putting the whites into the buttermilk, mix well, and the yolk into the butter, mix well. The buttermilk acts as an emulsifier and allows the butter to easily mix with the buttermilk, which you want to do at this point. Mix the buttermilk mixture and butter mixture together well. Add the liquids to the dry ingredients and mix well. The batter may be a little watery, let it sit a minute or two and it will firm up. We like our waffles lighter, so I leave the batter thinner. If you like heavier waffles or pancakes, let the batter get firmer or add a bit more oatmeal flour, not much since it will thicken up. Cook as you prefer as pancakes or waffles. ENJOY!

I am all about keeping it easy.  I do not keep buttermilk on hand.  I have a no. 10 can of dry buttermilk that I use each week.  If you want to use regular milk, by all means, do it.  I think I did one week because I forgot to use buttermilk.  Regular milk does not emulsify the milk and butter together, but who cares?  Do what is easiest for you!  These are your pancakes and waffles.  You will be eating them.  Do what you want!  Once I had an abundance of whey, so I used that instead of buttermilk.   The waffles tasted GREAT!!!