Tea Tree ~ The Go To Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential oil is often called Melaleuca.  Oil is extracted from a tree only found in Australia.  It does not grow naturally anywhere else in the world.

Tea Tree OIl

Tea Tree is anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-biotic and infection reducing benefits thus it is a cure all oil for skin ailments.  It should NEVER be taken internally (here I should also state that no essential oils should be ingested without professional care and supervision) and should NEVER be used on babies younger than 6 months.

In Home Uses for Tea Tree Oil

1.  Use in homemade toothpaste.  (For years my mother used it on her toothbrush to help infection, gingivitis, freshen breath.
2. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree in water to clean and disinfect yoga mats, bathroom, kitchen sinks and counter and any other areas you want to disinfect.
3. Mixed in a Aloe Vera Gel, Tea Tree will help soothe and heal a sunburn.
4. Dab a few drops on acne with a Q-tip at night and rinse off in the morning.5. Tea Tree soothes and helps heal itchy rashes.
6. Add a few drops to your shampoo to prevent lice.
7. Helps remove skin tags. Dab a few drops on a cotton ball and tape the Tea Tree wetted cotton ball on skin over tag. Repeat several times a day until the tag falls off.
8. Dab a few drops on attached tick and watch it slide out.
9. To freshen breath after brushing swish a few drops of oil and water in mouth.
10. Put a few drops in and around dog kennels and beds to ward off fleas.
11. Tea Tree has been found beneficial in curing warts. Using carrier oil to dilute oil and place a few drops on wart and cover with a bandage. Repeat until wart dies.

Tea Tree Tree

12. Helps soothe insect bites.
13. Add a few drops to your humidifier to ease asthma and other breathing conditions. (This will also disinfect the humidifier)
14. Use on small cuts as an antiseptic.
15. If you forget to remove your laundry from washer, put a few drops in washer and rewash clothes to remove mildew and freshen clothes.
16. Found mold on household items? Mix a few drops of Tea Tree with Apple Cider Vinegar and scrub on item. Set item outside in the sun to dry.
17. Use in your DIY deodorant to kill odor causing bacteria.
18. For earaches mix 1 drop Tea Tree with 1 tsp. Olive Oil. Put a drop of the mixture in ear and remove by tilting head.
19. Use in homemade kitchen cleaners to disinfect.
20. Mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 20-40 drops of Tea Tree. Sprinkle on carpet and vacuum up. This will not only leave your home fresh, but disinfect your carpet. You can also add other essential oils with Tea Tree oil such as lemon, lavender, grapefruit or lemongrass.

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