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How to Breathe Easy with a Cold

Cold season will soon be upon us, if you haven’t suffered already more than likely you or someone close to you will.

It’s not often that I am sick enough to stay in bed, more often I get a slight cold that is more irritating than anything.  When I am congested and can’t breathe, I have found the best thing to open me up in my chest, sinuses and nose is a Breathe Easy treatment.

How to Breathe Easy with a Cold

There are several ways to use this wonderful oil with bergamot, tea tree and lemon pure and genuine essential oils.  Mixed with a carrier oil you can massage Breathe Easy on your chest and under your nose.  A few drops of Breathe Easy can be added to your bathtub for a nice soak.  You can also diffuse Breathe Easy throughout your house during the day and in your bedroom at night.  (You can purchase diffusers here.)   My favorite way to use Breathe Easy is in  a pot of boiling water.  Boil a pot of water, add a drop or two of Breathe Easy, put a towel over your head and your head over the pot of water for a nice steam bath.  You will feel the oil fumes go down deep into your lungs and clear it all out.  It can be strong, so you only want to put two maybe three drops of oil in your pot of water.

How to Breathe Easy with a ColdWhile I love the Essential Oil, there is another great option so you don’t have to mix the oil with a carrier oil.  Breathe Easy Concentrate is a lotion base with the perfect amount of Breathe Easy with pure and genuine essential oils added to it.  No mixing or guessing, just rub it on.

Another remedy that is good to use with Breathe Easy  is a Hot Toddy, at least that’s what my mother-in-law called it.  My husband teases me because of the alcohol in it (we don’t drink). I remind him that it has less alcohol than in his preferred Ny-Quil.  Because it works so well, I don’t have to drink it as often.

Hot Toddy    

2 c.water
2 long cinnamon sticks
5 or 6 cloves
2 T. whiskey
2 T. honey
2. t. lemon juice

Put water, cinnamon sticks and cloves in a pot and heat to a slow boil. Boil gently for 2 min. Turn heat off and add whiskey, honey and lemon juice. Let steep for 20 min. Take out cloves and cinnamon stick. Drink one cup at a time.

How to Breathe Easy with a ColdWhile this is by far a favorite remedy a few years ago, when I was waking up especially bad dried congestion in my lungs I decided to add a secret weapon … cayenne.  To each cup of drink I would add just a pinch of cayenne pepper (if you get too much the drink is VERY spicy).  This would break up whatever congestion there was before bed. Cayenne has now become a regular in my Hot Toddy.