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Keep the Cooties Away Insect Repellant

February, the longest month of the year, or so it seems, has just passed us by and before we know it spring will be here.  We’ll be out in our yards and gardens … and so will all the bugs. Use this super easy bug repellant to protect yourself naturally.

Keep the Cooties Away Insect Repellant ~ Essential Anew5 drops eucalyptus
2 drops orange
4 drops lavender
2 drops lemon
8 drops cedarwood
1 drop peppermint
1 drop clove
1 drop cinnamon
2 ounces carrier oil such as jojoba, grape seed, or sweet almond oil

Mix it all together and store in a cobalt blue bottle.  Apply liberally keeping out of eyes.

Keep the Cooties Away Insect Repellant ~ Essential Anew

Ready for Summer Fun

The groundhog has predicted six more weeks of winter … but, in other parts of the country he said summer is on it’s way.  Either way, summer is coming, though we have a cold front coming to south Texas this week which will drop our temperatures down into the mid-60s.  Sorry New York.

We’ve had our windows and back doors opened the last few weeks and the mosquitos are starting to come to life.  There is nothing more irritating than finally getting out in the sunshine and being attacked by gnats and mosquitos or brushing through shrubs, brush and trees that can sting and prick.

Mosquito or other insect bites ~ if they don’t require much attention just dab a little Lavender or Tea Tree EO for relief.  Both Chamomile and Lavender EOs reduce swelling, itching and inflammation, and together with tinctures of Echinacea and Plantain often you can avert an allergic response. (If an allergic reaction does happen, take 1/2 t. Echinacea Tincture internally).

Following are blends to be made ahead of time and stored in glass blue bottles for use when needed.

Ready for Summer Fun with Essential Oils ~ Essential Anew

Outdoor Owie Cure
3 drops each:
Tea Tree
1 oz. calendula infused oil
Mix together, store in a blue glass bottle and shake before using.
This remedy is excellent for skin irritations, bites, stings, burns, inflammation, bruises or scrapes.

Many people will use clay for bee stings and insect bites, but adding essential oils and tinctures to clay will keep the poultice reconstituted, preserved and ready for use.  As the clay dries it pulls toxins from stings and bites to the skin’s surface and keeps them from spreading.  It will also pull out puss or splinters.

Summertime Clay PoulticeGet read for Summer with Essential Oils ~ Essential Anew
12 drops Lavender EO
1 tablespoon bentonite clay
1 teaspoon each:
Echinacea Root Tincture
Chamomile Flowers Tincture
Plantain Leaves Tincture
Put clay in storage container. Add the tinctures slowly, stirring as the clay absorbs them. Add lavender oil, stirring to distribute it evenly. Store poultice in a container with a tight lid to slow dehydration; it will last at least several months.  If the mixture dries out, add distilled water to reconstitute it.

Many people don’t care for the smell of Citronella EO, a traditional repellant, but this formula smells great.

Keep the Bugs Away SprayReady for Summer Fun with Essential Oils ~ Essential Anew
5 drops Eucalyptus EO
2 drops Orange EO
4 drops Lavender EO
2 drops Lemon EO
8 drops Cedarwood EO
1 drop Peppermint EO
1 drop Clove EO
1 drop Cinnamon EO
2 ounces Carrier Oil
Mix together, store in a glass blue bottle.  Apply liberally. Keep out of eyes.

Granite Countertop Cleaner

I love my granite countertops, but I am always frustrated with how to clean them and keep them sparkling. Usually I just wipe them down with a wet wash cloth, but then they are dull. So, I ventured into making my own granite counter cleaner and was it a SUCCESS!!!

Granite Countertop recipe with three great oils

Granite Countertop recipe with three great oils


24 oz. spray bottle
3 oz. rubbing alcohol
1 drop blue Dawn dish soap
5 drops Peppermint EO
10 drops Lemongrass EO
10 drops Orange EO

After putting all the ingredients in the spray bottle I topped it off with water (about 21 oz.), mixed it up and began cleaning. I loved the scent. I wanted something fresh but not overpowering and super lemony. This was the perfect combination of EOs. Of course, you can always use the ones you want.

Peppermint EO is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Lemongrass EO has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. Orange EO is anti-bacterial and anti-septic. These three oils add good cleaning qualities as well as a refreshing scent that is uplifting.



DIY Fabric Softener

DIY Fabric Softener

Yesterday we made laundry detergent, today fabric softener.  The recipe for this is super easy. You may not notice the delicious scent of the EO when your laundry is dry, though it will be soft.  So you might wonder why you would want to use EOs in this recipe.  EOs bring a wonderful uplifting feeling while doing a mundane task.  Well, at least I think it is mundane.  Lemon and Orange have also been known to brighten laundry.  The recommended oils also have antibacterial and disinfectant qualities to them.  I always like being sure my laundry is really clean for my family.

So, pull out your EOs and bring a little joy to doing laundry.

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Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil