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This is the Bomb!!!

Seriously!  This stuff is the BOMB!!!

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend, It's the Bomb!!!

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend, It’s the Bomb!!!

Late last week I awoke to an email from my college aged son, “Mom, I’m so sick!  I need the recipe for a hot toddy.”  “No,” I wrote back, “You need a tincture.” I drove to the post office and they were so good to help me pack it and get it there FAST.  It was there within 36 . . .  and we are a three days drive away from him.

He took four doses in the next 20 hours and when I talked with him he sounded so much better.  In fact, he sounded well!  He had told me he had a congestion headache for days and now it was gone.  He thought he was going to have to go to the doctor.  All the mucus . . . gone.  He was better!  He was back to his old self.  So, for cough, colds or flu . . . this incredible tincture blend is for you!!!

Keep this in your cupboard and save yourself a visit to the doctor.  Say no to your regular prescription and take the Ultra CCF Tincture Blend.  You will be so glad you did.

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend Ingredients

Ultra CCF Tincture Blend Ingredients